For Former Tide Player, It’s About Attention To Detail

Conley Duncan displays his 1973 National Championship ring at Applebee’s Tailgate Talk on 12/17/16.  Listen to his interview here.

Athens, Ala. –  In high school, Conley Duncan was a talented fullback and linebacker for Morgan County High School, now known as Hartselle High School.  The University of Alabama, under the leadership of Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, took an interest in Duncan.  Recruited by Jack Rutledge, Conley decided to play for the Crimson Tide.  When Conley arrived in Tuscaloosa, he was placed behind another Alabama legend, Woodrow Lowe, on the depth chart at the linebacker position.  Conley described Lowe as maybe the very best linebacker that he has ever seen at Alabama. Duncan played at Alabama from 1972-75, earning letterman status his last three seasons.  During his playing days, Alabama won the SEC Championship every year and the National Championship in 1973.  Even with success, Duncan’s time at Alabama wasn’t without its challenges.  He said that as a senior he was misbehaving and he and his dad were called into Coach Bryant’s office.  As punishment, he was suspended the first part of the 1975 season.  Duncan was relegated to wearing the “orange jersey” and holding the tackling dummies for freshman.  Through good behavior and extra conditioning, Duncan worked his way back.  Not only did he work his way back, Duncan was named All-SEC linebacker and honorable mention All-American his senior year in 1975.  What was the key to success for Alabama?  Duncan says it was attention to detail. Under coaches like Paul “Bear” Bryant, Ken Donahue, Pat Dye, and others, Duncan said players were challenged to be better than they thought they were and they became better.  The importance that was placed on details and conditioning was ultimately what led Conley Duncan to his career as a speed, quickness and agility coach today.  Duncan worked with Cybex fitness equipment company before he started Major Sports Training Inc.  Today, Duncan primarily works at Point Mallard, working with young people in all sports to improve their skills and prepare them for the next level as well as those who want to get into shape.  One of his clients, Tanner High School’s Chadarius Townsend, has signed with the Alabama football team and is set to begin classes in Tuscaloosa in January.  Another client, James Veneigh, who simply wanted to get back in shape, had the following to say about Duncan.  “Conley Duncan is one the best coaches I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  I’ve been in his program for eight weeks and have lost 25lbs!  He will work you to your limit, but he will get you in shape and keep you on the right track.  He’s tough, but also a very caring person.  When i started with Conley, I was 250lbs and now I’m down to 225lbs. and my journey with Conley continues and will for sometime to come.  Without him I could not have gotten as far as I have.  So if you really need to get to get in shape, I would strongly recommend you get in touch with him.  He is great at what he does and I’m thankful and blessed to have him in my life.”  If you have a young athlete that you would like to send to Conley Duncan or if you want to get into shape yourself, you can reach Major Sports Training, Inc. at (256) 565-2904.  With Conley Duncan, you’ll be learning from one of the best in the business.  You can “Mark It Down”.



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