Teammates, Classmates, & Community Rally Around Nicholas Welch

Nicholas Welch pictured with his teammates at Ranburne High School.

Ranburne, Ala. – It was July 2016 when the Welch family found out that Nicholas would need a new heart.  Nicholas Welch, a student at Ranburne High School, who loves football and is an avid bowler, has shown the strength, determination, and courage that many never find.  In October, Nicholas was able to leave the Ronald McDonald House to get a much needed break.  On his first trip away, Nicholas wanted to go back to Ranburne High to see his friends and teammates.  There he received a hero’s welcome as students gathered around Nicholas to show their support.

#90 Nicholas Welch

After his visit in October, students created video after wishing Nicholas all the best as he waited for a new heart.

In November, Nicholas did receive his donor heart at Children’s of Alabama.  He has had a difficult time and has been sick ever since the implant.  Nicholas’s mother, Teresa, has been by her son’s side night and day.  In Athens, Alabama, we had Hunter Towe who went through a similar experience.  His mother, Sherry, was with him night and day as well.  As with Sherry Towe, Nicholas’s mom has also now lost her job.  Teresa’s sister-in-law, Carrie Francom, decided to set up a GoFundMe to help with expenses.  Beyond GoFundMe, others have worked hard to raise money for the family in other ways.

As for Nicholas’s current condition, his mother posted the following on their Facebook page called, “Nicholas’s Heart” on Friday: “Nicholas is on a lot medication…He had a bronch done today. The results show some infection but the consensus is that his heart just isn’t functioning again. So as of now the plans are to do a cath Monday and then, discussions of what they feel will be in his best interest being VAD or something else.”  As the family faces this difficult time, let’s spread the word to pray for the Welch family.  Of course, the more people who know what is going on, the more people can help by praying and donating. image

Personally, I found out about Nicholas’s situation because my friend, Sherry Towe, shared the fundraiser. That’s how it works. We see a need and we help by getting the story out. Now that you’ve seen Nicholas’s story, I hope you’ll take a minute to share this with your friends and neighbors.  There’s no doubt that Nicholas is getting the best care through Children’s of Alabama and the Ronald McDonald House.  They are both a tremendous asset to our state and we appreciate the services they provide to families, like the Welch’s, across our state.  There are many people praying for Nicholas and ready to help any way they can.  Nicholas has an army of supporters.  You can mark it down.

Here is the GoFundMe link to help the Welch family.

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