Coach Gene Stallings Still Set To Speak At Chamber Event On August 3rd

Coach Stallings takes time to visit with a student at an event in Montgomery.

Rogersville, Ala. – In Alabama, we love our football. Many coaches are held in high regard long after their coaching days have ended. Former Crimson Tide Coach Gene Stallings is no exception. Over the years, we have heard Coach Stallings on various radio programs and seen him speaking at events across the state of Alabama. Traveling from his home in Paris, Texas, Coach Gene Stallings has always made himself available for various functions.

As many of you know, Coach Stallings recently suffered a stroke. In recent Facebook post by WBRC’s Rick Karle, he said the following of Coach Stallings’s condition: “Please keep former Alabama football coach Gene Stallings in your thoughts and prayers. I talked with the coach on Saturday and he told me that he suffered a stroke two days ago in Montgomery. Coach Stallings says that he has lost his peripheral vision in his right eye and is not certain if his sight will return to 100%. Otherwise says the coach, he is resting at his Texas ranch, trying to get his strength back & promising his wife Ruth Ann that he will stay off his tractor for awhile. Share this post with a friend… Why? I love and admire Gene Stallings, a great friend. I know that you will offer him your love & support.”

Prior to Coach Stallings having a what is considered a light stroke, the Rogersville Chamber of Commerce had scheduled him to speak at their fall fundraiser on August 3rd at 6:30 p.m. at the Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum. This week, event organizers from the Rogersville Chamber of Commerce confirmed that Coach Stallings still plans to speak at their event. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Rogersville Chamber of Commerce Director Kate Brown. Brown said the following, “We have been told that our fundraiser will be his first speaking engagement following his hiatus. The Chamber is honored by his commitment to this event. We pray for a speedy recovery, and are grateful he is taking time to rest and recuperate. Mr. Stallings is an inspiration to everyone he meets, so we join his many admiring fans in wishing the best for him.” For more information about the event,  contact Director Kate Brown at the Rogersville Chamber of Commerce at (256) 247-9449 or via email at

Beyond the event, over the coming days, months, and weeks, we all need to pray that Coach Stallings will continue to improve and will be able to continue the great work that he does in our state and across the country. Roll Tide!

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