Outdoor Ability Foundation Helping To Make The Outdoors Accessible


Gardendale, Ala. – Grayson Phillips was born with Spina Bifida in 1999, but Grayson did not allow it to slow him down very much. He’s been on many adventures that include hunting, fishing, water and snow skiing, ice hockey, hiking/camping with his Boy Scout Troop, and wheelchair basketball (the team he plays with won the National Championship for their division in 2013). Grayson absolutely loves the outdoors more than anything. That comes with a few challenges when you have a disability. Grayson and his father, Scott, have enjoyed many outdoor experiences together and wanted to help other families do the same. We know that other families/individuals face the same challenges and have limited funds available to purchase adaptive equipment. That is why Grayson and Scott created Outdoor Ability Foundation. The Outdoor Ability Foundation provides grants to purchase adaptive equipment for the disabled outdoorsman. On December 15th, Grayson and Scott joined me on The Mark White Show. Below is the interview.


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