Rogersville Woman Assists Entrapped Motorist In Limestone County

Tanya Gibson Staggs pictured with her husband, Jim, who is deputy with the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department.

Athens, Ala. – As Tanya Gibson Staggs was driving home from working night shift in the early morning hours on Thursday, she spotted a fire in a ditch. Instead of continuing on her way home, she decided to turn her vehicle around and check it out. When she approached the fire, she saw it was actually a vehicle on fire and there was motorist was still inside. Being on the outside looking in, she could see what the motorist could not. He had no idea the vehicle was on fire at the time. While on the phone with 911, Tanya found a way to get the man out herself. Listen to her account of the event below. May it serve as an example to us all. As a small token of our appreciation for her heroic good deed, Tanya received two tickets to a Huntsville Havoc game, courtesy of the Huntsville Havoc.


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