Jase Bassham Making A Difference In The Lives of Everyone He Meets


Rogersville, Ala. – When Jeffrey and Amy Bassham were told at Jase’s birth that he had Down Syndrome, all they could think about was all the problems and challenges he would face. In the beginning, Jase’s dad, Jeffrey, said he asked God “Why?” but said that it didn’t take long to change his thoughts to “why not?” Of his son, Jeffrey says, “Jase is such an amazing person. He has such a loving attitude. He always seem to know when someone needs a hug or uplifting. He enjoys life to the fullest and has the best cartwheel on the planet. I am so thankful and blessed to be his daddy. Jase has taught us to enjoy the little things in life and to thank God for all the blessings He has blessed us with. I Love You, Jase!”

Today, Amy and Jeffrey talk to new parents and tell them that their child can do anything! Their son, Jase, is in a regular classroom, has played rec. ball with his classmates, has amazing friends, and cheers on two competition cheer teams. Jase’s second grade teacher at Lauderdale County Elementary, Mrs. Emily Copeland, added that Jase makes a difference in the lives of everyone he meets! She laughed and said, “he calls me, “My Highness.” She recalled the night of parent orientation when she was talking to the new parents that Jase was sitting in a desk listening intently and all of a sudden he winked at her. She said that right then and there, he won her heart! She calls Jase “Our sunshine!”

Last but not least, Jase’s parents wanted to mention Karson McElyea, who nominated Jase for The Mark White Show Good Deed segment. Jeffrey said, “I’d like to talk about his friend Karson. This is a true friendship. Not one that parents have formed, but one that they formed by going to school together. We took Karson with us to a cheer program the other night. This is the first time that I have been around the two together. Their friendship is unique, Karson is like a best friend and a protector to Jase. This is comforting to know that as long as they are in school together that Jase has a ‘Big Brother’ looking over him. The Bassham’s love you, Karson McElyea. Thanks for being an awesome person!” Listen to the show below.




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