Friends Coming Together To Help Janice Isbell

Janice and Irvin
Janice Isbell with her husband Irvin.

Athens, Ala. – As a tutor with Math & Science Academy, Inc., Janice Isbell’s teaching philosophy is to have high expectations, be encouraging, and support students to succeed in challenging areas. Today, Janice Isbell finds herself needing encouragement and support in a challenging area herself.

Back in 1975, Janice was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. During that time, she has had many ups and downs with this disease.  In 1989, she was diagnosed with Lupus Kidney Disease. In 2001, she had a full hysterectomy and appendectomy. In 2007, she had right foot bunion and knee surgery.  In 2009, she had a colon resection for colon cancer.  In 2010 she had a fistula installed in her left upper arm in preparation for dialysis.  In 2011, she had a hernia repaired in her lower left abdomen. In 2012, she started dialysis.  In 2013, she had her aorta heart valve replaced and her gall bladder removed. These are the many challenges she has faced as a Lupus patient. Through all the health issues, Janice has been able to pay for her medical expenses, but now that she’s retired, the costs are rising and becoming prohibitive. Now, Janice is in need of a kidney transplant. The call has gone out and friends are now coming together to support the effort.

One of Janice’s friends and former co-workers at Calhoun Community College Math Lab (Decatur), Sheila Richardson, reached out through social media when she knew that Janice needed financial assistance. Of her friend, Sheila said, “Janice an incredibly smart woman who knows how to tutor math, but more importantly, knows how to motivate and encourage people in their educational goals. As a plus, she is full of life and is so much fun to be around. If you can give just a little, it would mean a lot to me.”

Currently,  Janice is on the Transplant List at University of Alabama-Birmingham and at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Right now, Janice is taking 14 medications, but the more her kidneys fail, she’ll need another pill for something else. A fundraiser has been set up to cover medical costs. Many readers have first-hand experience with what all this entails.

Janice’s caregiver is her husband, Irvin Lee Isbell, Sr. He met her in college and learned as much as he could about Lupus. Irvin later became a nurse. Now, he helps Janice with her dialyses Monday through Friday nights. Janice says of Irvin, “I love him to death!”

If you can donate to this effort and help Janice, go to the Share4Janice GoFundMe page. You can also share this story with your friends and let them know about the effort for Janice. The more people Janice’s story reaches, the better. Be sure to add Janice Isbell to your prayers.

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