Show Dedicated To The Memory of Josh Wood


Oak Grove, Ala. Joshua Wood had just become a father on March 4th when his life was cut short just six days later. At his funeral, Josh was described as selfless and one who put others first. Personally, I have known the Wood family since we moved to Hueytown back in 1990. Josh had not yet been born, but I thought so much of Chip, Gena, and their oldest daughter Elizabeth. The loss of Josh is tragic. One of the statements that stands out from the funeral is Josh telling his mom that if something happened to him to “take care of his girls.” I know that the support group that Tatum and Emery have is strong.

One of Josh’s cousins, Lydia Marshall, shared her memories of Josh. “I am so blessed to have grown up with an awesome cousin like you Josh Wood. We have so many memories that I will cherish forever…when you gave me a piggy back ride all the way to our car at six flags because I was being so whiny…making fun of me because I wanted “cheese & pineapple, not pineapple & cheese”… When you ripped your shorts at Nolan’s birthday party and we laughed so hard…so many family Christmas parties….you were always taking up for your little cousin & you never let anybody mess with many awesome memories. It’s so hard to believe that you’re gone, you have so many people that love & care about you & are going to miss you so much. I am so thankful that God chose you to be a part of my family. I love you forever crazy boy.”

If I hear of ways that you can help, I will let you know. Right now, pray for the family. Friday’s show was dedicated to the memory of Joshua Wood. You can listen to the dedication below.

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