Limestone Family's Christmas Tradition Is A Merry Sight

Athens, Ala. – For many residents of Limestone County, Santa and his reindeer perched high atop the Greenhaw home, located at the corner of Jefferson Street and Hobbs Street, is an iconic symbol that the Christmas season has arrived.  This  Greenhaw family tradition was originally started by the late Jimmy Greenhaw.  Lanier Greenhaw, Jimmy’s son, says that the Christmas display was initially put up on Thanksgiving morning regardless of the weather. Lanier said that about seven years or so ago, his dad got to the point where he could no longer help. At that time, Lanier continued the tradition, doing it the day after Thanksgiving (if the weather was nice). Over the past few years, Lanier has enlisted the help of his two sons, Guy and Ben, along with his friend and neighbor, Chris Paysinger. Lanier added that the Santa and reindeer that are currently displayed are not the original, but one that his father had reproduced after the weather had taken its toll on the display. Lanier says that his feelings about the display have changed over the years. He said, “As a kid, I dreaded putting it up, but now look forward to it every year.”  The Greenhaw home is currently for sale and many hope that the tradition will continue even after the home is purchased.  If you’ve yet to see Santa and his reindeer on top of the Greenhaw home, be sure to “Mark It Down” and go take a look! 

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