LCHS Tigers Display Special Tribute After Player Loses Mother

Credit: Lauderdale County Tip Off Club

Rogersville, Ala. – On New Year’s Eve, a tragic UTV accident occurred outside of Rogersville near Anderson.  The accident claimed the lives of three Rogersville residents.
LCHS student Adyn Hagan with Shanna Smith who worked in the school cafeteria.

Among those who passed was Shanna Thorton Smith. Shanna worked in the lunchroom at Lauderdale County High School and had two sons who attend LCHS.  Tonight, during the varsity basketball game, the boys team wore wristbands with the initials “S.S.” for “Shanna Smith” in support of Shanna’s son, Connor Smith, who plays basketball on the LCHS B-team.  Through triumph and tragedy, this is really what being a team is all about.  A 1998 graduate and former cheerleader for LCHS, Shanna Smith was a cheerleader of all things LCHS.  It’s only fitting that the Tiger family pays tribute to her memory at this time.  While nothing can bring back those who were lost, their spirit lives on through those who knew and loved them.  When it comes down to it, being a team is much more than “x’s” and “o’s”.  When organized in the way it should be, a team is a strong support group.  A team wins together and a team loses together.  They celebrate together and they grieve together.  Now is the time to grieve, but it’s also a time to celebrate.  We grieve the heartbreaking losses, but we also celebrate what those who we lost meant to each of us.  As with other area teams who have dealt with loss recently, the LCHS Tiger family is strong.  We’ve seen it time and time again, in times of adversity, the community stands together.  You can mark it down.

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