Clements Colt Lele Anderson: 1500 Points & Counting

Coach Zach Meadows presents Lele Anderson with a plaque and a game ball for reaching 1500 points in her career with the Lady Colts.

Athens, Ala. – On December 19th, 2016, Lele Anderson hit a milestone with 1500 points in her basketball career with the Clements Lady Colts.  On January 10th, Lele was recognized by her teammates and Coach Zach Meadows with a plaque for her achievement.  On Applebee’s Tailgate Talk on January 14th,  Coach Meadows said that Lele has been on varsity since she was in the 7th grade, before he was even the coach.
Lele Anderson on Applebee’s Tailgate Talk on January 14.

He said that Anderson had a really good coach even before he came into the picture.  He went on to say that she developed back then and he’s has continued to develop as a player.  Lele has been at point guard all four years that he has been coaching the Lady Colts.  In Coach Meadow’s description of Anderson, he calls her a “great leader.”
Since hitting the milestone, Anderson is now over 1600 points on her career.  When asked about her teammates, Anderson said, “We work really well as a team.  I just love them.  I couldn’t do it without them.  If it weren’t for them, I would’ve never scored 1500 points.”  Anderson said that Coach Meadows had told her how close she was to 1500 points at the beginning of the season, but she did not know where she was at in the points hunt when she finally hit the mark against West Morgan.
Coach Meadows said that a high school player hitting 1500 points is very uncommon.  He said that there was another girl at Clements who hit 2,000 points. At which point Lele said, “It was 3,000…She was Miss 3,000!”  Coach Meadows emphasized that it’s a team award as well as an individual award.  He said, “Lele is a team player, she is unselfish and it’s just happened that way, because she’s a good basketball player…a very good basketball player.”  He went on to mention that on Friday night, Lele was voted “Miss Clements High School” by her classmates, so she is also well respected by fellow-students as well.
Now that area regular season play is over, the Lady Colts to face West Limestone and Tanner before the County Tournament.  Coach said, “It’ll be a fun week, but it’ll be tough week.  Hopefully, we can get some wins next week.”
When it comes to her future plans, upon graduation,  Lele will be attending Wallace State where she has signed a scholarship to play softball for A.J. Daugherty who was recently hired from James Clemens to coach the Wallace State Lions Softball team.  When it comes to a major, she is undecided.

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