Hospice of Limestone County: Meeting The Challenge Through The Chili Challenge

Athens, Ala. – The doctor walks in and breaks the news.  “We’ve done all we can.  Our recommendation is now palliative care.  “Palliative care?”, you ask.  “There’s nothing else that can be done?”  The doctor responds, “Our goal now is to keep your loved one comfortable.”
It’s never easy to admit that nothing else can be done and you would do anything to take away the illness, but you can’t.  The question that now remains is how do you make your loved one as comfortable as possible while they are here with us.  Enter Hospice.  The paperwork is signed and a few short hours later, equipment arrives and caring individuals are now at your home ready to serve.  Along with your love and concern, these are now the resources to make your loved one comfortable.
The following is the mission statement of Hospice of Limestone County:
“Hospice of Limestone County is a care system for the terminally ill patient and their families. Care is provided by a team of professional and trained volunteers. The goal of Hospice of Limestone County is to help the terminally ill patient and family live as fully and comfortably as possible the lifetime remaining through pain and symptom control, counseling and spiritual support.

Hospice recognizes that we cannot cure the dying person nor remove the pain and grief, but, we can care enough to be there. Hospice offers the healing grace of compassionate presence.”

In an effort to explain what they do, Hospice of Limestone County website reads, “In simple terms, hospice is home-based care for the terminally ill. At the Hospice of Limestone County, we provide pain control, medical assistance and emotional support for our patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our focus is the patient, and our goal is to restore as much dignity, comfort and peace as possible to the time he or she has left.

At hospice, we accept that there are some things we simply cannot do-like remove pain or grief, or prevent the terminally ill from dying. Instead, we focus our energy on what we can do: reduce physical pain, control symptoms, provide spiritual counseling and lend emotional support.”

Hospice offers adult support like widowed person’s support group, adult grief groups, parents and families group for loss of a child, and individual counseling at the Loft or at home.  When it comes to young people, they offer Camp Hope, “Good Grief Club”, groups at The Loft, and individual sessions for teens and children at The Loft, school, and even at the home when appropriate.

In addition to the above, Hospice of Limestone County offers: crisis response, training for managers on how to manage grief in the workplace, special events serve to provide opportunities for remembering lost loved ones, educational workshops and presentations dealing with death, dying and grief issues, as well as a library of books, videos, and pamphlets geared toward all ages and addressing all types of losses.
Each year, Hospice of Limestone County organizes the Chili Challenge to meet the challenge of carrying out the above services.  The event brings businesses and individuals alike together to support a great cause.  Funds are raised in various ways.  From tickets at the door to booth spaces and a silent auction, there are many ways to contribute.
This year is the 29th edition of the Chili Challenge.  It will be held on Saturday, February 18th, in the Athens High School cafeteria and gymnasium from 10am-2pm.  Booth spaces are still available and donations are still being accepted for the silent auction.  Last week, Applebee’s Tailgate Talk announced that they would be doing a “live remotchilie” from 10am-12pm at the Chili Challenge this year.  The guys at Applebee’s Tailgate Talk hope that this will help spread the word even further and encourage friends in the community to come out the day of the event.  It takes many businesses and individuals throughout the Limestone County area to make this event a success.
If you would like to participate in the Chili Challenge or donate to the silent auction, you can contact Hospice of Limestone County by phone at (256)232-5017 or by email at hospice@hiwaay.net.
Find a way that you can contribute and make your plans to be at this year’s Chili Challenge on Saturday, February 18th.

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