Eric Martin of Southern Timber Resources Joins The Mark White Show

eric martin
Birmingham, Ala. – Eric Martin, a registered forester, has been buying and managing timberland for over 35 years. For over 25 years, Southern Timber Resources, Inc. has been purchasing standing timber and helping small timberland owners manage their properties. Services include forest inventories, timber sales, hunting leases, site preparations, and reforestation. The decision to remain primarily active in timber procurement has enabled the company to keep current with an ever changing forest products market. Although we have been key participants in the acquisition of thousands of acres in one purchase, the founding purpose to help small landowners and investors continues to be our focus and niche in the market. The company is based in Birmingham, Alabama and is also located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Having known the Martin family all of my life, I can attest to the trustworthiness and the conscientious individual Eric Martin is. Attention to detail is important to him in his forestry work. If you would like a free appraisal on your timber, you can give Eric a call at (205) 527-6785. Check out Southern Timber Resources website. I’m excited to have Southern Timber Resources as a new sponsor of The Mark White Show. You will be hearing more about them and their work soon! Listen to their new ad below and remember Eric offers free appraisals!

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