Dumps Like A Truck Joins The Mark White Show

Auburn, Ala. – When you have Jeff Foxworthy on the show, what’s more fitting than having a business named Dumps Like A Truck?? This week, that’s exactly what I’ll have when I’m joined by owner Whitley Dykes of Auburn, Alabama. A popular restaurant for Auburn students and locals alike, Dumps Like A Truck is much bigger than the authentic Chinese dumplings they serve! You see, when business owners Whitley & Kunya Li started Dumps Like A Truck, they wanted to use their business to educate, empower, and put shoes on the feet of children living and scavenging for survival in third-world trash dumps and that’s just what they’re doing. In addition to the business, they now have a new baby girl born just last week, so congratulations to them!

I hope you’ll tune in as I talk to Whitley about he and his wife’s successful business. Please share with your friends & neighbors! If you are reading this and you are a Dumps Like A Truck fan, please share!

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