13-year-old NY Girl Shares “Sunny Side Up” Messages on Difference Making Radio Show

Long Island, NY – There are some people when you see them or hear them for the first time, you know they have “it.” Kyla Carter is one of those people. After being interviewed on The Mark White Show in May, host Mark White was awe struck with Kyla’s remarkable talent. Seeing an opportunity to showcase Kyla’s talents, Mark asked Kyla to join him on TMWS. With the foundational message of “Living Life Sunny Side Up,” Kyla’s encouraging and inspiring messages are a hit with all ages. At just 13 years old (Kyla will be 14 in August), Kyla has a way of sharing a positive message that makes the listener feel what she is saying and easily relate. Kyla’s experiences give her a unique perspective at a very young age. Working hard everyday to reach her goals, Kyla is a dedicated and committed actress, singer, and musician. With her songs incorporated into TMWS, listeners have an opportunity to hear Kyla’s amazing voice in every episode. Already being heard through TMWS podcast and Radio Alabama’s KIX 96.3 FM, it was announced yesterday that TMWS would be added to WTKI Radio 105.3 FM/1450 AM, a station based in Huntsville, Alabama, in August. As part of that expansion, Kyla’s segment called, “Kyla’s Korner” will be added to the daily lineup with plans to add her segment to Friday’s programming. Currently, Kyla’s Korner can be heard every Saturday at 10 a.m. CST/11 a.m. EST on The Mark White Show via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and podcasting sites such as Apple iTunes, Audioboom, Stitcher, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Blubrry. Make your plans to tune in and remember to “always live life sunny side up!”

Athens (Alabama) Man Searching For Childhood Hero

Athens, Alabama – Moments in our lives change the course of history for ourselves and those around us. For Eric Michael White of Harvest, Alabama, one moment in particular had a major impact, because in that moment, at just 15 months old, his life was saved. Eric wrote the following in hopes of finding that hero that helped save his life 38 years ago.

“On July 15th, 1982, when I was 15 months old, I drowned in the bathtub at our home at 710 2nd Avenue in Athens, Alabama. I was unresponsive and had no heartbeat. After my siblings ran into the kitchen and told my mom that I went to sleep in the bathtub, she ran in there and found my lifeless body. She described me as feeling like a rubber doll and my skin color was blue. She recalled running out the front of the house holding me and screaming, ‘My baby is dead! My baby is dead! Please! Somebody help!’, hoping a nearby neighbor would be able to hear her and help. That day, there just happened to be someone visiting at a neighbor’s home who knew what to do. This gentleman heard her screams, ran across the street, and pried my body from my mother’s hands. He took me to the neighbor’s home, a couple of houses down from ours, and placed me on their kitchen table and began CPR, breathing life back into me. The gentleman was able to get me breathing again as the ambulance arrived to take me to the hospital. My dad told me later that he remembered receiving the call at his job that his son had drowned and died. My dad worked for GM in Tanner, Alabama, and said he jumped in his car and was flooring it all the way to Athens-Limestone Hospital. He told me that Athens Police were chasing him, because they didn’t know why he was speeding, but he never slowed down or stopped for them. My dad drove straight to the hospital and when he arrived, jumped out of his vehicle and ran into the hospital, telling the officers that his son had drowned. I sometimes think about the events of that day and that man who just happened to be in the ‘right place’ at the ‘right time’ to save my life. At the time, the doctors weren’t even sure if I would ever be able to learn to walk or talk, because of the damage they believed had been done for lack of oxygen for an extended period of time. In spite of this, I did recover and I do live a normal life, all because of the timing of that man who was visiting his friends on the night of July 15th, 1982. His quick action, running across the street and taking me to administer CPR immediately, saved my life! To this day, I still don’t know who he was, but, if he’s still around, I’d like to thank this hero for saving my life.”

If you would like to help Eric find who this hero was, please share this story. If you have information, you can email The Mark White Show at TheMarkWhiteShow@gmail.com.

Alabama Human Trafficking Summit Happening Tomorrow

HUNTSVILLE, AL – The Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force will host the 6th Annual Alabama Human Trafficking Summit on Friday, January 31 from 9 AM – 4:45 PM at Renaissance Montgomery Hotel Convention Center (201 Tallapoosa St Montgomery, AL 36104). A record 485+ expected.
The Human Trafficking Summit will highlight the “TraffickingFree Zone” initiative, 100+ Human Trafficking Awareness Proclamations issued by towns & cities, and the launch of a statewide billboard campaign. A Survivor Panel Discussion will feature 3 female & 1 male survivor of human trafficking. Breakout Sessions will address Law Enforcement, Faith Based, Medical, Service Provider, Legal, & Education responses to human trafficking.

The following presenters and speakers are confirmed:
Joe Scaramucci – Detective, McLennan County Sheriff’s Office (TX)
Pat McCay – Chair, Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force
Darren Beams – Lieutenant, Tuscaloosa Police Department
Ali Perron – Office Coordinator, A21 Campaign
Pamela Casey – District Attorney, Blount County
Adrian Carpenter – Chair, Renew Hope
Chris Ziebach – Founder, Camille Place
Carolyn Potter – CEO, The WellHouse
Donna Armstrong – Executive Director, Hope Haven
Doug Gilmer – Resident Agent in Charge, Homeland Security Investigations
Teresa Collier – Intelligence Analyst, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency
Amy Wagar – AL State Director, Trafficking Hope
Sara Laster – Founder, Budding Hope Ministries
Dr. Melissa Peters – Medical Director, Children’s of Alabama CHIPS Center
Jan Bell – Executive Director, Children’s Policy Council of Jefferson County
Sallye Longshore – Director, Alabama Department of Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention
Lynn Bius – Executive Director, Alabama Network of Child Advocacy Centers
Greg Zarzaur – Attorney at Law
Robin Wilburn – Child Labor Supervisor, Alabama Department of Labor
Shelly Johnson – Counselor, Shelby County Board of Education
Jordan Giddens – Community Engagement Coordinator, Children’s Policy Council of Jefferson County
Lynn Caffery – Executive Director, Safe Harbor Youth
Dixie Shannon – Peer Advocate, The WellHouseAudrey Jordan – Assistant Attorney General, State of Alabama
Dr. Gary Warner – Director of Research in Computer Forensics, UAB
Jim Phillips – Compliance Intelligence Officer, Regions
Chris Lim – Project Director, AL Uniform Integrated Human Trafficking Initiative

The Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force was established in 2014 and meets once a quarter at the Alabama State House. Meetings are open to the public. For more information about the Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force or the Alabama Human Trafficking Summit, please visit www.enditalabama.org, like us on Facebook at
www.facebook.com/enditalabama, or follow us on Twitter @enditalabama.