This week on The Mark White Show, we’ll be focusing on heroin addiction. Joining me will be Danny Molloy with Addiction Prevention Coalition, Leslie Reagan Plaia, M.Ed., LPC with Recovery Resource Center, & Patty Carter Sykstus with Not One More Alabama. We’ll be discussing resources that are available from these three organization in our state as well as the upcoming End Heroin HSV Walk! taking place on August 18th in Huntsville. During The Mary Faye Headrick Good Deed Segment, I will be talking to Sandy Russell Hicks about her successful recovery from drug addiction and how she is now trying to help others on their journey to recovery.

Eric Martin of Southern Timber Resources Joins The Mark White Show

eric martin
Birmingham, Ala. – Eric Martin, a registered forester, has been buying and managing timberland for over 35 years. For over 25 years, Southern Timber Resources, Inc. has been purchasing standing timber and helping small timberland owners manage their properties. Services include forest inventories, timber sales, hunting leases, site preparations, and reforestation. The decision to remain primarily active in timber procurement has enabled the company to keep current with an ever changing forest products market. Although we have been key participants in the acquisition of thousands of acres in one purchase, the founding purpose to help small landowners and investors continues to be our focus and niche in the market. The company is based in Birmingham, Alabama and is also located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Having known the Martin family all of my life, I can attest to the trustworthiness and the conscientious individual Eric Martin is. Attention to detail is important to him in his forestry work. If you would like a free appraisal on your timber, you can give Eric a call at (205) 527-6785. Check out Southern Timber Resources website. I’m excited to have Southern Timber Resources as a new sponsor of The Mark White Show. You will be hearing more about them and their work soon! Listen to their new ad below and remember Eric offers free appraisals!

Courageous Living Books Joins The Mark White Show!

Julie & Wilson
Murfreesboro, Tenn. – Wilson and Julie Adams, owners of Courageous Living Books just announced their new sponsorship of The Mark White Show. Courageous Living Books is an adult Bible study book business which seeks to inform, encourage and build faith. You can take a look at what they have to offer by going to Courageous Living Books. You can also follow Courageous Living Books on Facebook. Take a listen to their new ads below that are currently running on The Mark White Show.

courageous living books

4 Year Old Cora White Creates Her First Ad

Athens, Ala. – The idea was simple, Cora was going to do a one-liner for the show saying, “You’re listening to The Mark White Show.” After hearing what I wanted her to say, Cora said, “I have a better idea.” Here is the finished product created by Cora…



This week’s show takes us a few places including Ukraine. Joining me in studio is Hartselle Intermediate School teacher Jonathan Bragwell and writer/storyteller Melissa Thornton. During my interview with Jonathan, we have a special call from Shane Pack of Boaz, Alabama, who is currently in Ukraine with his family. In the third segment, I’ll be talking to nurse Jane Cavanaugh about a special program to help babies who are born addicted to drugs. In the final segment, I’ll be talking to Melissa Thornton about her mother’s suicide and her efforts to help others who are suffering with thoughts of suicide.

7/13/18 Live from Children’s of Alabama for Bryant Lay’s 8th Birthday

Live from Children’s of Alabama for Bryant Lay’s 8th birthday! Also joining me were Nichole Hughes the founder of Water Guardian’s Levi’s Legacy, Jason Wilder, who is the great great nephew of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Alabama/Gulf Coast Executive Director Regan Goldberg and campaign managers Tricia Center, Julie Moon, and Kate Siqueira.

The Mark White Show Welcomes New Sponsor H&R Agripower

Tanner, Ala. – First and foremost, sponsors of The Mark White Show believe in the mission of the show. Since the show began, I have added sponsors and people I believe in too. When you hear a sponsor on my show, understand that they are a sponsor because they also care about making a difference and they are dependable and trustworthy. One of those businesses is H&R Agripower in Tanner. I am pleased that they have joined the effort. Good things lead to good things and I’m looking forward to our partnership. My sponsors are the reason The Mark White Show exists. They are the reason that the show is now reaching over half the state of Alabama and parts of Tennessee and Mississippi via the radio airwaves. Please support them every opportunity you get.
Listen to the new H&R Agripower commercial:

It's Time To Go To El Pollo Maníaco

Tanner, Ala. – As Cora, Nicholas, and I were headed to Exit 347 on I-65 to welcome Snuffy Wallace home from the hospital, a vinyl sign in front of the building which once housed eating establishments such as McKinney’s Corner and Wingzilla, caught my eye. It read, “El Pollo Maníaco.” I’m limited in my Spanish, but I know that in English that means The Maniac Chicken. Since we had a few minutes before Snuffy arrived, I decided we would stop there for lunch. When Cora heard the word breakfast, she was excited. She had a pancake brought out to her that was bigger than her head! I selected Carne Asada off of the Mexican menu and Nicholas enjoyed a burger off of the burger/sandwich menu.  I’m telling you, as a former Mexican restaurant owner myself,  those folks know how to cook. Two days later, we were back for lunch on Sunday! I was so impressed with El Pollo Maníco that I offered them an opportunity to become a sponsor of the show and they accepted. Our family loves El Pollo Maníaco and I believe yours will too. As a matter of fact, we already have lunch figured out for Sunday. You know, El Pollo Maníaco!
Listen to their new commercial:


This edition of The Mark White Show focuses on Lyme Disease. Joining me on the show are Dianna Strickland, Maryandra Kendall-Ball Wiser, and Tina Neathammer with the Alabama Lyme Disease Association. During The Mary Faye Headrick Good Deed Segment, I was joined by William Flippo and Neal Clark with the Paint Rock Volunteer Fire Department. They were in on the effort to rescue a blind puppy named Toffee who was stuck in hole 50-60 feet deep.